Girls und Panzer mods for World of Tanks created by Nishizumi77


News after the release of 9.15.1 and new skins: E-75, Rhm. Borsig, Waffentrager IV, Hetzer, and Su-100y


World of Tanks version 9.15.1 has been released, this brought a significant change the switch to Actionscript 3. Only my GuP Badge mod broke thanks to this change but I already fixed it and updated the mod, you can download it here:

I also updated the Girls und Panzer der Film 2016 official modpack and deleted the skins which is not compatible with the new version anymore and cause crash.

Now here come the new skins made for new HD tanks in this version!

Kuromorimine E-75


Turlte team Hetzer


Turtle team Rhm. Borsig

 Rhm Borsig

Ankou team Waffentrager IV

 GuP Waffentrager IV

Pravda Su-100y




News: Official World of Tanks meets Girls & Panzer collaboration modpack for 9.15

Just noticed today that the new version of Girls und Panzer der Film 2016 official modpack new 9.15 version is available on the Asian WoT site.


As usual I packed the mods into a ZIP and uploaded because the installer is tied for the current WoT version, that means if a new version comes to WoT (will happen soon, new version already on test server) you can’t install anymore this modpack with the installer because it won’t let you proceed just saying incorrect version.

The modpack includes the following mods:

GuP der Film modpack

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New website!


Hi guys!

I decided to make a website for my mods and move here instead of using Deviantart to post my new stuffs. This is more comfortable, gives me many new opportunities and I can order my mods better here, so I will post my new mods here primary, and GuP mod collection wot topic of course. I already posted all my mods and skins on this side, except old SD skins.

How to navigate on this site:

You can find categories and tags at the right side of the website, using tags you can easily navigate and find the stuffs what you are looking for.


On this site the download links are available directly, no adfly!

I added a Donation button to the right side since I have less free time than I would like (job, studies ect..) so any small support would be help a lot making new mods and greatly appreciated.


Panzer vor!