Girls und Panzer mods for World of Tanks created by Nishizumi77

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Kuromorimine Tiger 131

– Copy vehicle folder to your current res_mods Directory  res_mods/0.9.x



Updated: GuP School decals


This mod replace the nation decals on tanks into GuP decals.

– Copy gui folder to your current res_mods Directory  res_mods/”current game version folder”

How to use optional decals:
-Select the decal(s) what you want to use from optional decals folder and go to res_mods\<current version>\gui\maps\vehicles\decals\
-Copy the decal(s) and rename it to that nation decal name which you want to replace.
For example replacing default chihatan icon to ooarai: rename to and overwrite.


News: Official World of Tanks meets Girls & Panzer collaboration modpack for 9.20

The new version of Girls und Panzer der Film 2016 official modpack new 9.20 version is available on the Asian WoT site:


As usual I packed the mods into a ZIP and uploaded because the installer is tied for the current WoT version, that means if a new version comes to WoT (will happen soon, new version already on test server) you can’t install anymore this modpack with the installer because it won’t let you proceed just saying incorrect version.

The modpack includes the following mods:

GuP der Film modpack