Girls und Panzer mods for World of Tanks created by Nishizumi77

University student selection T26E5 + Patriot


Since I don’t have the tank can’t make a preview screenshot about the skin so GuP Pershing is fine.

The skin also includes a swap for Patriot to use the same skin as regular T26E5.
– Copy vehicle folder to your current res_mods Directory  res_mods/0.9.x


4 thoughts on “University student selection T26E5 + Patriot

  1. if wordpress has a heart button i’ll give it a hit for you. This is awesome! Thanks for the work!

    Oh and have you considered making the University team skin for the T28 before because in the movie it’s actually a T28 after all xD


    • Thanks 🙂

      About the T28: WG made a huge confused mess with T28 and T95. IRL they are the same vehicle. So what is in the GuP movie is indeed a T28 but in WoT terms it is a T95.
      What we have in the game under the name of T28 is a fake tank invented by WG.

      Short explain, the original name of the tank is “105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95” but in 1946 they renamed the tank to “Super Heavy Tank T28”, they are the same. And no, there is no such difference like “but the T28 has single track” because the extra pair of tracks are demountable.
      For more detailed info and history check The Chieftains article about T28/95:


      • Ahhh i see! Thanks for the detailed explanation i get it now that’s really helpful. Yeah it did give me a confusion. Now i’m thinking WG should really get rid of their T28 and make the T28/95 like a “track disposal” option for less def and more speed lol just like the Swedish TD lines on the next update with their Siege mode.


  2. Hey is a 38tnA skin possible? Thanks 🙂


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