Girls und Panzer mods for World of Tanks created by Nishizumi77

News: Official World of Tanks meets Girls & Panzer collaboration modpack for 9.15


Just noticed today that the new version of Girls und Panzer der Film 2016 official modpack new 9.15 version is available on the Asian WoT site.


As usual I packed the mods into a ZIP and uploaded because the installer is tied for the current WoT version, that means if a new version comes to WoT (will happen soon, new version already on test server) you can’t install anymore this modpack with the installer because it won’t let you proceed just saying incorrect version.

The modpack includes the following mods:

GuP der Film modpack


16 thoughts on “News: Official World of Tanks meets Girls & Panzer collaboration modpack for 9.15

  1. awesome!


  2. they will also release Ooarai Hangar mod too, we just wait for that


  3. Thank you!


  4. I never knew their collab went as far as making manga stuff for WoT. And me seeing WG in the end credits of the film wasn’t just a mere illusion as they actually did provide tank info for GuP


    • Yeah it is nice but the collab could be better like what they doing in World of Warships. Wows collaborates with Arpeggio of blue steel anime and there are selectable ingame anime port and missions where you can get special ships skinned from the anime and what is the best these stuffs are available on all servers not just restricted to Asia, I would like to have similar collab in WoT too, selectable GuP garage, missions to get GuP tanks like in wows or wot blitz.. ect. 🙂


      • That’s what I was wishing too~ I’m still wondering why they never bring those dedicated GuP stuff into the PC version


      • I agree, in Blitz, they have Pz IV Ankou and Kuromorimine (Tiger I, similar with HT no VI, but has more HP – 1100 HP, when HT no VI has only 950 HP


  5. is it possible for you to release the two hangar mods which got released?, didn´t install them myself but i saw on the pictures on the website that there was one that looked like the ooarai ship and the other one like the ooarai garage
    (ship: )
    (garage: )


  6. new question, do these old voice packages still function? (Nonna for example: but if i see it right, they shouldn´t or? cause if my memory is right the new format was something else and i think the one from the forum thread which is managed by you too is not complete if i understand it right i think? ( still happy that at least some parts then are working of the new packages cause nonna is my favorite and i have soon some tome to test all these wonderful mods^^)


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  8. Quick question regarding the GuP style tank crash models. I’ve noticed them in battle and I love it so far, so it crossed my mind if it could be possible to implement that to all the tanks in the game. (if possible) If it’s not then that’s alright, just wanted to ask since you only have that feature on a select few of the tanks. Thanks anyway for whatever your answer is, love the skins by the way spent almost a full night making sure I downloaded them all. Keep up the good work!


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