Girls und Panzer mods for World of Tanks created by Nishizumi77

Cromwell Berlin – Earl Grey edition


Cromwell Earl Grey1

Cromwell Earl Grey2



WarshipRagnarok suggested me to make an  adaptation skin of this artwork for Cromwell B. I liked this design so made it, althought finding all these small parts which have darker color on the texture took some hour and was a bit annoying but I like the outcome, so worth it 😀
The source and artist of this artwork can be found here

Update: Now includes skin for regular Cromwell too. Important, since it is a model swap you have to add both Cromwell skins even if you don’t have the Cromwell Berlin.

– Copy vehicle folder to your current res_mods Directory  res_mods/0.9.x


5 thoughts on “Cromwell Berlin – Earl Grey edition

  1. excusme , can you make for CromWell only too, not Berlin tipe i mean..
    and can i request sound pack with Rabbit team like 9.14 ??
    and music mod update like the movie , such like Polka etc ..

    thank you very much ^^


    • Hi!
      I can do a model swap for regular Cromwell, it will looks like the same as Cromwell Berlin.
      As for voice mods: Sorry I can’t to voice/audio mods since there is a new sound engine I have no idea how to mod them, also WG haven’t released the help/modding tools they promised for this.


  2. It didnt seem to work. changed the guns on the tech tree crommie but thats all


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